Our vision and values





We put people first

Whether it's our customers or our staff, we put people first.

We are proud to say that we are a Mindful Employer - an initiative that shows our ambition to support mental wellbeing to our staff.

We are more than a price comparison service - our experienced team can talk you through everything around your energy contracts, whilst our dedicated contract management team can handle any renewals / transfers for you.

We understand it's not always about price, and we always listen to our customers' requests when it comes to what it is they want.

We build strong relationships

With both our customers and our suppliers - we look to build strong relationships that last.

Once a contract is secured, our work does not stop there. Our dedicated contract management team will deal with the whole transfer / renewal process and run a free account management service throughout the length of your contract, so you only have one point of contact.

We Build for the future

Sustainability is huge at Green Light, and with our trusted customers and suppliers we are looking to build for the future.

We are proud to say that we are directly contributing to the tree planting project at the Forest of Marston Vale Trust. We have committed to planting at least 100 trees with the Forest of Marston Vale Trust by the end of 2022.

We provide honest,
impartial advice

If we feel it's best for you to stay with your current supplier, then we'll tell you. If we feel it's best for you to switch away, then we'll tell you!

We are independent and can provide pricing from every supplier we work with, to ensure you feel you are making the best decision for your business.

Transparency is key, and we disclose any commissions we make from any contract.

We have our own internal compliance and audit procedures, to ensure our impeccable high standards are kept throughout our company.

We keep things simple

We know that energy bills and the energy market aren't the easiest things to work out, so let our experienced team talk you through it.

Economy 7, kilowatt hours, standing charges, CCL - they're probably not things you know too much about, but our team are experts so feel free to ask anything you're not sure about.