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Payment Services

Introduction to GLCG

At Greenlight Consultancy Group, we are a UK-based independent utility consultancy, and we aim to provide expert advice to help you navigate your way through the commercial energy, telecommunications and payment service markets.

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Helping businesses

Regardless of business type or size, we believe every business customer in the UK deserves a fair process when it comes to renewing their business essentials.

It is estimated there are still a large amount of business customers in the UK who are paying more than they should for the electricity & gas contracts – whether this is down to not having the time to search the market when their contract comes to an end, or if they have fallen onto high variable/deemed rates with their existing suppliers.

This is where Greenlight can help.

Within minutes, we can give you a full breakdown on your energy costs and show you what is currently available to ensure you are renewing on the most competitive pricing.

Our free account management service also gives you one point of contact for any questions you have have during your contract, and our dedicated contract management team can be on hand to help with any transfers/terminations to save you the hassle!

Our suppliers include: